Prerequisites for magic in Magic Mirror

Physical part – it’s such fun to see how your idea gets a shape. This time I want to tell how to physically build Magic Mirror – so  I don’t talk too much and go straight to business.

Prerequisites for MaMi magic:

  • Raspberry pi
  • monitor. It is worth considering these:
    • position of power/HDMI cable
    • you need USB port to feed power to Raspberry
  • micro USB cable
  • bluetooth dongle
  • bluetooth speaker
  • HDMI cable
  • power supply cable
  • electric chocbox. We only want one cable coming in
  • Keyboard and mouse. Either bluetooth either cable ones.

Prerequisites for LED


  • picture frame. I ordered mine from easyframe. Consider here the rebate depth of a frame and total rebate depth of the glass and monitor together
  • two way mirror/spy glass
  • black film
  • wood, screws, tools and etc.

Of course have your design, sketch, drawing of your magic mirror. The size of my mirror is 1000x720mm. I don’t provide my scribblings here, because they might not be clear for someone else. If you would like to ask anything – feel free to contact me.

First step it to remove all the plastic from the monitor – that’s fun job. We want the mirror to be as thin as possible.

Two way mirror glass and a film – from a first glance looks like we don’t need a film, because we use the proper glass. This might be true. At first, I was not clear about how to stick LEDs, so to be sure, that no light goes through the glass I sticked the film. This is a nice link how to stick it.

At this point, the question is “where would you like to see the smart dashboard?”. I want to clearly see my face in the mirror so the dashboard goes below centre. So it’s time to cut out the film and make  glass transparent for dashboard.
Just put on the monitor and use a good knife to cut it around.

It’s time to build the inner frame. In order, the mirror to look absolutely amazing, we have the outer (picture) frame. Of course, no one stops you from building yours, if you are just able to do. I decided to buy one. The inner frame is holding the whole construction(It’s 20kg!) and keeps monitor not to fall down.

Tune wood a bit so that the frame is able to hold the monitor and put in everything you have!

Ok, that was just a check whether everything fits in. Now let’s move everything out! We need to screw it and do some holes… for ventilation.

And put all the guts back. We are almost there…


Magic mirror all together!

It wasn’t that hard, right?

If you have any questions so far – don’t hesitate to contact me:

And now let’s move to another part – how to wire LEDs and control them from python – and this is coming next week.

Steps to build Magic Mirror

  1. Find out what are the features and motivation under the project here.
  2. Build hardware – the mirror and electrics here.
  3. Add LED lights here.
  4. Install software for mirror to become magical here.