Magic mirror hanged on the wall with LEDs on

Wake up with Justin Bieber

You are waken up by a noisy sound of your alarm clock at 5 AM. You feel energized, excited and motivated. Really? If you do – I am extremely happy for you! Unfortunately, most people love sleeping and the sound of an alarm clock is the most frightening for all. Same me, I used to hate my iPhone and wished to throw it away through the window every single morning… But hang on a second! That’s not right and there must be a solution to start a day in a good mood. Of course, it is – the music is an answer. And Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror. How amazing it is to be waken up by your favourite Ed Sheeran, Guns & Roses or… Justin Bieber song – anything you like. Now you wake up whistling your music – you are ready to start a day!

Magic mirror prepares you to change the world

MaMi – Magic Mirror or maybe Marius’s Mirror… Hell knows… First of all, it’s a mirror – you can see yourself, do your hair or makeup. MaMi shows you the best person in the world. Secondly, this magic is an alarm clock. The Alarm clock here is the Youtube playlist. MaMi allows you to play video and audio. Just get an id of any playlist and save it in magic mirror admin panel. The best part here – you manage your playlist on youtube – you can play anything on the planet. Also the alarm clock enables LEDs around the mirror. It gives some light so you can slowly open your eyes. You are ready to change the world by starting your morning like this!

Once your playlist is finished, you are up and ready for your day. Then LEDs are off and Youtube playlist gets back to magic mirror main dashboard. This is the third main feature of MaMi. The dashboard provides useful information you probably check every day on your phone. It includes:

  • time
  • weather forecast
  • iCloud calendar
  • notes (I use it for my English vocabulary)
  • live trains departures
  • live buses departures
  • news – sport, technology, sport. It’s your choice what you want to see.

All these features are customizable on the admin panel.

Every morning when you prepare for a new day, you don’t need to check the phone hundred times – magic mirror provides all the useful info in front of you. Just right while doing your hair or putting shirts on.

MaMi alarm clock and the dashboard have made my mornings easier – I wake up with good music and don’t rely on my phone. I wake up with smile, energy and good emotions! Are you ready to do the same?

Stay tuned, in the next posts I will tell how to make a mirror from scratch!

Steps to build Magic Mirror

  1. Find out what are the features and motivation under the project here.
  2. Build hardware – the mirror and electrics here.
  3. Add LED lights here.
  4. Install software for mirror to become magical here.