Software developer – rock star

Dear software developer, have you ever felt useless, lonely or irrelevant?
Post your CV on the internet. You will feel like a rock star when your fans recruiters want to reach out and get your attention. Interviewing is a part of our career development. When you prepare for an interview – you study and learn new (and repeat old good) stuff, meet companies and people. But… it’s tiring, time consuming and sometimes annoying process. I want to make our lives easier and share some tips about interviewing. I focus, of course, on software developer’s position.

Usually between you and your dream job, there are three interview gates:

  • recruiters
  • phone
  • face to face

Or from another angle you must be prepared about:

  • your experience
  • technical questions
  • soft skills

We are professionals, right?

Today I’d like to focus on the first – recruiters’ step. That’s a first step and the easiest one, but you might get so many calls so that you don’t want to pick up the phone anymore. Just remember, you and recruiter, are in the same side – you both want to get you a job. Yes, sometimes they might be really annoying and the only things they need are your contact or pushing you into an interview where you are not competent. But let’s be honest – we, developers, are not the easiest people in the world either. So let’s be professionals and leave feelings aside. When you get a call from a recruiter, your job is to provide maximum information in minimum time. I sometimes manage to finish it in less than a minute and I believe we both are happy for that. I am prepared and I know what to get out from that call – job spec to the email or politely say goodbye.


  • new email
  • new phone number

Recruiters’ template

Once they call, say their name, they usually start telling about an amazing opportunity, beautiful location, greenfield projects… Stop or interrupt them(it might not be very polite, but it’s for saving our both time) saying:
“That’s great, thanks! I am only interested in <contracting/perm/other> positions based in <location>, my target salary/rate is <money> and I am available from <date>. Is this the role you have?”.
If he/she says no, then just say “thanks for your offer, but I am not interested. You or your colleagues can call me if you have a role like this.”
If she/he says yes, then tell your poem, which you know by heart:
My experrience:

  • <programming languages(be specific with versions)>
  • <frameworks>
  • <databases>
  • <infrasctructure>

<These are keywords they are looking for. If you have experience, mention>:

  • Agile(show me please at least one non agile company), BDD/TDD, pair programming, microservices, CI/CD.

My preferences are:

  • <programming languages, frameworks>
  • <nice to have technologies>
  • <frontend and backend percentage if full stack>
  • <requirements for company, domain…>
  • my current salary/rate is <money>

Mention the keywords you think matters. The most important – be specific and control of the conversation. If you think that recruiter is talking something irrelevant for you, please say that and don’t waste time for both of you. If a recruiter has a role for you, ask to send the spec to your email, so that you can quietely have a look on your own.
Recruiters take notes of what you are saying, so don’t rush and talk slowly in confident tone.

Also I recommend to make this as an email template also, so that you don’t need to type same stuff over and over again.

It’s easy, right? The most important, you should know exactly what you want to say, and what are you looking for.


  • prepare a template with keywords
  • be specific
  • control a conversation


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