Blue Monday

New Year’s(NY) resolutions – start doing sport, give up smoking and give up giving resolutions. People fail their resolutions faster than a night bus driver reaches his destination. Blue Monday, I first heard about this day once arrived to UK. This is the most depressing day of a year. The scientists created a formula which considers time after Christmas, all money spending and NY resolutions failure. The result – depressing Blue Monday in mid January.

Dry January

Do you know what is the shortest month of the year? No, it is not February… The answer is “Dry January”. “Dry January” is one more british tradition where you necessary must commit yourself after a hard December. I must mention another phrase from this category – “I will never drink again”. Well, I am happy enough because my parents taught me do not lie. Especially to yourself. Don’t drink or don’t lie. And we do a lot more non sense. We eat cakes and then workout in the gym. Even more, we blame ourselves for eating it. 5 mins of pleasure we trade to 2 days of blaming ourselves. We drink alcohol so that we can suffer from hangover. And we always find a reason why we did something wrong – in other words – an excuse.

No excuse for toilet

Excuses… That’s what we all do. “I will go to the gym! But from the next month, because I don’t have a proper shoes now.”. A parallel example is when you really want to use a toilet. It doesn’t matter if you are in a busy street in the downtown and don’t have any tissue. You will find a way to do it. You will do it in any circumstances without any excuse. That’s what happens when you really want something – YOU JUST DO IT.

My key point here is either you do it, either don’t excuse and don’t embarrass yourslef. Your mom, wife or friends don’t care about your excuses – you are the only one who is affected. You excuse yourself. Even more, nobody likes listening to excuses. People like success stories which inspire. Everyone wants to turn their story into a success one. Start your success story by DOING.

Anyway, I was preparing observations for my comedy class homework, but it turned into a tragedy.


  1. Either you do it, either don’t excuse.