Second world war

There was a second world war in my stomach, fingers were melting and all body in sweat. That’s how I felt for the last hours before my performance. But I did it!!!  And now I’m honestly proud of myself.

Dropping yourself to awkward and uncomfortable situations makes you grow and improve. If you are afraid of height – do a parachute jump, afraid of public speaking – do a comedy standup, afraid of snakes – don’t live in a jungle or just caress a python. I did it!!! Not a python – a comedy standup!!! I am going to do more gigs, because I really enjoyed it…

A dose of adrenaline

I was attending a comedy course for last two months so I met a group of new people. It was a good fun(of course not in the beginning) to embarrass ourselves in acting or improvising exercises. Finally we saw our changes (turns out two months is a huge span), and in the end we knew each other and even some became friends.

I am still full of emotions… to make 100 people laugh gives a decent dose of adrenaline! WOW 🙂

The rule of three

To make my post a bit meaningful and not just talking about myself I want to provide some useful information.

To emphasize a topic or make it more memorable you should use a rule of three in your talks. That means give three points to strengthen a sentence. It’s not two or four. It’s THREE! I don’t know why three is a magic number, but it just works. For example, “I was young, wild and free”, “his lifestyle was just sex, drugs and rock&roll”, “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. The last one comes from Julius Caesar so that means it is known literally for centuries. The three is a technique from the rhetoric and it’s called a triad.

Sex, drugs and quantum physics

Inverse or contrast the third word in the three to make it funny. That’s from comedy’s perspective. For example. “I was young, wild and exhausted”, “his lifestyle was just sex, drugs and quantum physics”, “I was fit, healthy and stupid” and so on.

I don’t want to talk much or even give a lot of theory. Just these simple examples which are proved through centuries. You probably never pay attention, but if you listen carefully will notice triads everywhere. For example, one of the best speakers Barack Obama uses triads a lot in his speechies.


Big thanks to the great teacher – Bentley Browning. I strongly recommend the course:


  1. Embarrass yourself to improve
  2. Use a rule of three in your talks