Hi guys,

It’s been a while since the last post… Yeah, that’s summer. I hope you enjoyed yours as well. I had a roadtrip through Europe, was exploring UK and London, meeting hundreds of new interesting people, attending talks and courses to improve myself, “Guns and Roses” gig, I spent many weekends travelling to my home country and so on. In fact, I had an exciting summer, which made me forget my work, routine, and… you guys. But this is not a bad thing, rest is a must for all of us.

Why the hell do I do this?

Motivating and pushing yourself are mandatory features in your life if you want to achieve something. Also having goals and reaching them is a respectful feature of human beings. But what does it mean to have a goal and work for it (I’ve already mentioned here about the difference between the goal and the dream)? It means that you:

  • want to improve
  • feel happiness and satisfaction for chasing your dream
  • work in a structured way
  • are disciplined to keep the plan
  • give your best
  • need to give up other activities, especially sins
  • sometimes you will be blamed, laughed at or even offended by people who do not understand you
  • get tired
  • finally, think why the hell do I do this?

Be positive and love yourself

The beginning seems inspiring, but the last points end up with depression. The majority(I guess everyone) of people who we consider to be successful, have faced the above mentioned emotions and thoughts. And it is understandable because they work really really REALLY hard and of course they get tired, everyone does. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful ones do not stop when they are tired. Of course, patience takes a big part here, but there are several tips how to deal with tiredness.

  1. Never make decisions or make cowboy actions in the evenings. I mean decisions and actions which will affect your plan. Go and sleep well, everything will look differently in the morning and you will be happy for resistance. Before doing something always think about the consequences.
  2. Think positive. The time you spend following your plan is the time when you improve yourself. That’s your knowledge and experience. The time you spend in the gym, reading books, writing or whatever you do is not the time you hang out somewhere so you save money. You will spend this money for…3…
  3. Gift yourself. Split your plan to milestones and after achieving every of them celebrate it. Go to a concert, have a city break, spend a weekend in a bed, make a tattoo, buy new shoes… Anything what makes you happy. That keeps you motivated and waiting to reach another milestone. Moreover, you will get a double satisfaction, because a) you reached your goal and b) you get a likeable gift from yourself.


Our life is very dependent on two factors, where the first one is our long term goals. Someone wants a family, someone wants a house, someone wants career, traveling, partying etc. As our minds know what we want we have a reflex for how to take decisions to reach that goal. But there comes another factor – instant decisions, which are affected by our state at that particular moment. We are hungry, angry, disappointed, tired, excited, surprised… then we do not think clearly, we are driven by emotion of the moment, so actions and decisions can actually object to our long term goals. And most of the cases they do. It’s not easy to control emotions, even it’s extremely hard not to rely on them and that is called LIFE 🙂


1. I had an exciting summer
2. Stay positive
3. Make important desicions in the mornings
4. Don’t forget to gift yourself