Travel alone? You must be crazy…

Solo travel for some reason sounds awfully. What am I going to do there all alone? He doesn’t have any friends to go with, does he? That’s what people usually think. I am not saying that these questions are not right. They definitely are. But has anyone thought about this from another perspective – what benefits do you get from traveling alone? Let’s find out some…

Soloing benefits

  1. You meet new people. When you travel with your friends, you have amazing time together. When you travel on your own, you meet amazing people and still have the same fun. Some people are communicative more than enough and it is not a problem for them to find new friends. But some are complete introverts. That means it requires courage for them to talk to people they don’t know. Tourists are usually friendly so questions like “How are you?”, “Are you on holiday?” or “Could you take a picture of me” could be a spark for conversation and you never know where it can lead to…
  2. You increase your self confidence. Especially, if you were introvert from the 1 point, and managed to talk to someone 🙂 Anyway, talking, exploring, especially solving uncomfortable situations, build your knowledge which increases the self confidence.
  3. You explore yourself. People are always surrounded by relative people – parents, friends, siblings, colleagues… And when we make decisions, we still hear different opinions, ideas, blames. Moreover, people need to compromise… So now – you are just on your own. Go wherever you want, eat whatever you want, dress up however you want, talk whatever you want, make your own decisions – be yourself. This helps to understand how you behave in particular situations and know what you like or don’t.
  4. You give more attention to a destination. You will pay more attention to locals, places and environment. You are a better observer when on your own, so will feel the country and the culture more. Of course, mobile phone is the distractor number one :)We are almost done, but there are few more, which do not require too much explanation. You are the boss and you can…
  5. Easily find a date.
  6. Easily create an itinerary.
  7. Easily plan and fit your budget.


I am not saying that travelling with someone is a bad thing, far away it is not. I am just saying solo travelling is also an amazing way for your holidays or city break. Don’t be upset if your friends can not have holidays at the same time as you do. Just buy tickets spontaneously and go wherever you have always wanted to go. Make your own stories. I think once you try it, you gonna love it.

To sum up, enjoy the moment, when you are just with yourself.


Don’t have bad attitude to solo travellers.
At least try it, and then say that you don’t like it.
Solo travelling builds your personality.